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270 days of Overwatering is Out

As of Tuesday the State implemented emergency water-conservation measures. The new rules target “outdoor urban water use” and are specifically designed to stop:

  • Washing down driveways and sidewalks;
  • Watering of outdoor landscapes that causes runoff;
  • Using a hose to wash a motor vehicle* without a shut-off nozzle; and
  • Using water in a fountain unless the water is recirculated.

* As a reminder, even before these emergency rules, car wash water containing pollutants cannot drain to the streets and storm drains.

The emergency rules will apply for the next 270 days unless extended or repealed. Water users violating the new rules could face fines up to $500 per day under the State rules! The State Water Board has said it doesn’t expect too many tickets to be issued (and actually requires enforcement to be done at the local level), but hopes that the rules will encourage conservation and smart water use by making it clear how serious the drought has become.

Reminder: it’s pretty serious.

July 22 Drought Info

Sooo, let’s all make sure we stop spraying sidewalks, stop overwatering, use those shut-off nozzles, and be smart with our water!

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  1. msrlene Says:

    July 31st, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    I live in a neighborhood in Huntington Beach. It is over populated with ducks! They poop on our vehicles and areas in our walk ways practically daily. Paying for a car wash adds up. I put succulent plants as they are beautiful and low water maintenance. But What to do about the “nasty crap”!?

  2. Gnorman Says:

    August 5th, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Hi Marlene!

    I actually ran your question up the flag pole and the kind folks over at the City of Huntington Beach Public Works asked me to get in touch. The City addresses this as a maintenance issue and will send out personnel to try and determine why the ducks prefer to hangout at your residence and try and encourage them to live somewhere else. They can’t really chase the ducks off, but if they can remove the lure, maybe the ducks will go on their own.

    They’ll also pressure wash the public sidewalk, curb, and gutters so at a minimum it will be less unsightly.

    If you could email me at, I’ll put you in contact with the right folk and we’ll get this sorted out in no time!