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Gardening Lessons for the Rainy Weather

It’s been raining in Orange County gneighbors! There are several actions you can take now in the garden to take advantage of the rain while protecting your garden from the the cool, damp weather.

Here are some tips to get you ready for spring:

  • For perennials (plants that last more than one growing season or year) soil drainage is key for the rainy weather.  Make sure that new plants are not in standing water and that the roots can breathe, or they will die quickly.

  • Transform the rain into a resource for spring gardening. Here’s how to to place and maintain a rain barrel.  Claim your rain barrel rebate at

  • The wet weather keeps the ground damp, putting your plants at risk of fungal problems. Keep the ground clear of dying plant materials to prevent fungal diseases.

Are you new to planting California Friendly plants and don’t know where to begin? Go big and consider removing your lawn! With the cool weather, now is the time to kill your lawn. Check out this article to get started on removing your lawn. Imagine, by this time next year you can harness the rain to begin showing the lush California Friendly garden of your dreams!

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