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I am no longer asking you to save water…

Gnorman says hello to Orange County
Gnorman’s personal letter to Orange County:

Hello Orange County,

I am very proud of my dedicated gneighbors who have been reducing water use in their yard while cultivating gorgeous California Friendly plants in their gardens. For that, I thank you.

While this movement is 1,600 strong, there are still thousands of people in Orange County who haven’t been reached and could be overwatering. To reach them, I am asking for your help dear gneighbor.  

All it takes is a simple action. If you haven’t already, the first thing to do is fill out this simple form to get your own “Overwatering is Out!” yard sign.

If you already have your yard sign, forward this blog post by clicking the email button above or below this post to at least one person who doesn’t have their own sign yet but, like you, cares about this issue and can get other gneighbors on board.

Stay tuned for the next series of blog posts giving one action to continue building the #overwateringisout movement into a much larger group of gneighbors making a difference in their communities.

We will not fail if I have your help!


P.S. Gardening and water saving tips will continue to sprout throughout the blog posts!



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