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Another Look at Lawn Removal

You may have noticed lawns throughout Orange County turning a little bit golden the last few weeks. For many of those lawns, that is just the seasonal dormancy of cool season fescue grasses. They take a few weeks off to recharge during the summer heat and will bounce back when things cool down.

Of course, if you’d like your outdoor space to look great year-round AND save water, there’s always the option to remove your turf grass altogether. We’ve talked about it before, but here is a great 7-minute video that shows you how easily it can be done.

If you want even more information on what they discussed in the video, here’s a few starting places from past blog posts we’ve made:

And if you want even MORE information or a tailored solution for your specific space, you can always reach out to the Master Gardeners Hotline!

UCCE Master Gardeners Hotline


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