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Get your rebates before they dry up!

Since the Governor’s announcement of mandatory watering restrictions, applications for rebates on turf grass removal absolutely skyrocketed. Applications went from just 10 per month to nearly 1500! So many of your gneighbors were approved for rebates, in fact, that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California just voted to approve another $350 million of additional turf-replacement rebates. That’s real money for some beautiful California Friendly project for sure!

Even with the extra funding, there is a real chance that these rebates will dry up so you’ll want to move quickly. Residential homes are eligible for rebates up to $2 per square foot of lawn removed to a max of $6,000.

As always, Gnorman is happy to help and you can find even more rebates local to Orange County!

Or, if you are still on the fence, come check out just how easy it can be to remove that turf grass and start dreaming of how beautiful your California Friendly garden will be!

Getting Ahead of the Storm – Part 3

Over the last couple weeks we’ve talked through some great rebates that will help you stop overwatering during this rainy season. While you’re feeling productive, here’s one more great rebate that will make you an even better water steward and save you some money— Change your sprinkler heads to high efficiency nozzles.

This simple change can reduce your outdoor water use by up to 30% just by more efficiently spraying the water and more easily avoiding sidewalks and driveways. There are hundreds of models available for the rebate, with most starting at about $5-6 per head.

If you upgrade 15 or more sprinkler heads, the rebate will cover $4 per head.

That means you can upgrade and get efficient for about a buck a sprinkler!

Click the button below and I’ll walk you through step-by-step how you can get your rebate and answer any questions you have!

Getting Ahead of the Storm – Part 2

Last week we talked about how smart it is to install a rain barrel in advance of the rainy season. This week we’re going the other direction and talk about something that isn’t smart—watering your turf grass when it is already raining. No one intends to water their lawn in the rain, it just sort of happens because they forget to turn off a scheduled watering when it happens to rain. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that can automatically adjust your watering without you having to do a thing. Even better, we have another round of rebates—up to $380 off a Smart Irrigation Timer and Soil Moisture Sensors. READ MORE »

Getting Ahead of the Storm

The rainy season is practically upon us which means we have a few more weeks to make sure we’re ready for it. Since we are still in a record breaking drought, we definitely want to make the most of the rain. READ MORE »