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VIDEO: Before & After with Kevin, OC Water Champion

          Gnorman the gnome spent one blissful February day lounging in Rancho Santa Margarita at Kevin Ells’ spectacular drought-tolerant home. He played with his dogs, frolicked in his succulent garden, and took in the sun alongside his daisies. Kevin and Gnorman also enjoyed a conversation about how he’s only been gardening for a little over a year, yet he has reaped so many benefits from embracing the drought-tolerant lifestyle.
          Watch the video below where Kevin shares his story and gives easy tips to save water and improve your gardening at home!

Orange County: We’re Saving Water and Fighting the Drought!

Gnorman here bringing good news to you and your Orange County gneighbors!

Thanks to the California-wide effort to save water, officials have stated an overall 29% reduction of water use in May. I am proud to announce that Orange County has saved a collective 26% in comparison with May 2013! Congratulations gneighbors!

Here’s a special shoutout to Orange County’s second largest water district, the Santa Margarita Water District, which increased its savings from 3 percent to 18 percent in under a year. Furthermore, this summer, Santa Margarita will actively prevent overwatering by limiting outdoor watering to no more than 3 days and 36 minutes total per week. Gnorman heartily applauds their efforts.


Join your Gneighbors and Get Gnorman Approved!

You may start to see Gnorman popping up throughout Orange County gneighborhoods as more and more residents are proudly proving that they have stopped overwatering. The best news is that you can join them with just a few key strokes to get your FREE Gnorman Approved yard sign. All you have to do is jump on over to our pledge page, let us know what water saving action you’ve taken, and we’ll send you a yard sign to help spread the word!


It’s a simple sign for an important message. Let your gneighbors know that it is important to you.

Tell us in the comments below what action you’ve taken and then get your FREE yard sign.


Mulching Secrets from OC Neighbors

Do you ever wonder what the secret to having a nice yard all year round is without having to do too much work? Well wonder no more, some of your neighbors have the answer and it’s MULCH! Last month I put out a handy tip for OC residents that highlighted the 6 Benefits of Mulching and to no surprise I received some great replies back from my diligent neighbors!


OC residents get familiar with their sprinklers

During my jaunts, I got to know a few of my neighbors and their lawns. I found that 50% of my OC neighbors either “rarely” or “never” saw their sprinklers running! Yikes! So I asked these folks to pick a watering day or night to keep an eye on their sprinklers to see if the water is staying on the lawn or running off. READ MORE »

OC Residents take the first step to prevent overwatering

After receiving a tip from me, Orange County residents made an effort to cut down the number of days they watered their lawn by just 1 day per week. Some residents even took an extra step to be more efficient by creating a custom watering schedule for their lawns.