Overwatering Is Out

Keep water in the yard, not the sidewalk.

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Don’t doubt the drought!

While I was digging through the drought maps last week I gnoticed how quickly the drought conditions worsened across the State. To better show that, I had my friends put together a little slideshow showing all of the maps from the start of the year to today.

The images cycle every few seconds but will pause if you put your mouse on the map. You can also cycle through images manually using the little arrows on the right and left of the image.

Wow! A drought sure can do a lot in a week and if you’re right on the edge it doesn’t take much to deteriorate into the next category! Little changes have a big impact on the drought. Even though we can’t control the weather and make water fall from the sky, we can control how we use our water.

Want a simple way to save water and help prevent water pollution today? Next time you need to clean a driveway or sidewalk use a broom instead of a hose. A broom is more precise and great exercise! Using a hose just flushes all of that water directly into the storm drain system and, even worse, carries with it all of the pollution that you didn’t want on your driveway. In fact, using a hose to deliberately flush waste into the storm drain system is so bad that it is illegal (in the water business we call that an “illegal discharge”). Sooo, use a broom, get healthy, don’t break the law, and remember that overwatering is out!

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