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Fluke August Thunderstorms

We’ve said it before—one rainfall cannot undo a drought. We began August with a fluke thunderstorm, but the drought remains (and will likely intensify for the foreseeable future). In fact, that fluke rainfall likely flowed right out to the ocean, washing pollutants along with it, with only a small portion being absorbed into the ground.

We’re constantly talking about overwatering and storm water, but this quick 5-minute video really puts the issue into context. As we replace more natural landscapes and native vegetation with paved surfaces, we reduce the surface area storm water can infiltrate and be treated naturally. As a result, more storm water ends up in the storm drain system, flowing towards the ocean and bringing pollutants with it.

There is a lot you can do to help just by stopping overwatering. Want to do more? Here’s a quick tip—never apply pesticides or fertilizers when rain is predicted within the next 48 hours. The rain will wash away the pesticide or fertilizer into waterways where it can be harmful to aquatic organisms.

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