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Get efficient, put your lawn on a watering schedule!

Orange County residents are starting to do their part in being water efficient and reducing runoff by cutting back the number of days they water by 1 day per week (this is especially good if you are watering 3 or more days per week to begin with). Setting up a watering schedule can help those of us who may be overwatering get on the right track.

A watering schedule tells us when and how long to water a certain area. Having a watering schedule can help us reach maximum efficiency by letting us know the precise amount of water needed to replenish soil moisture to our lawn and garden.

If you don’t already have a watering schedule that is efficient, implementing one from scratch can be quite tricky. After all, there are lots of things to consider like…What kind of grass do I have? How long should I water for? And how often?

But don’t let all those questions bog you down, the kind folks at Be Water Wise are here to help. Answer a few quick questions and the handy dandy water calculator will help you estimate the correct amount of water for your landscape. And don’t worry about your plants getting too thirsty, it’s designed to give you a schedule for the maximum amount of water your lawn or garden may need each week of the year. If in doubt you can always contact the UCCE Master Gardeners Hotline with any specific questions you may have about your yard.  Sooo…why should we try to have a watering schedule again?

Quite simply, it will help us fight pollution, save water, energy, and money!

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    October 7th, 2013 at 3:22 pm

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