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Get Fit By Hand

We’re still in the rainy season which means cooler days and less sun (in addition to the occasional rain shower). That means your plants and turf grass also require less water! If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add a little exercise to your life, try turning off your automated sprinklers and watering by hand.

QUICK HINT — If you are using a garden hose, make sure to have an automatic shut off nozzle. Depending on where you live, they’re required!

Households that water by hand tend to use 33% less water outdoors than those who use automatic irrigation systems. Even better, hand watering lets you give each plant the amount of water it needs rather than watering all plants equally. You can give a little extra attention to your newly planted California Friendly plants that are still establishing without having to worry about overwatering the established plants that only need an occasional drink.

Even better, gardening generally burns about 300 calories per hour. All in all, that means shutting off your automatic irrigation systems will help you stop overwatering, save water, burn calories, and have a great excuse to get out there and enjoy your garden!

Do you garden for exercise?

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