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Keep water in the yard, not the sidewalk.

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Are you on the map? Residents across Orange County are sharing tips and tricks with their gneighbors and highlighting their efforts to stop overwatering. We’re collecting these tips on our Action Map to let all Orange County residents see just how active your community really is. Gnorman can already see some star gneighborhoods!

Beyond taking steps in your home and garden, sharing your commitment is one of the biggest actions you can take to stop overwatering. Adding yourself to the map reminds gneighbors throughout Orange County just how easy it is to do their part because real people just like them are already committed.

To share what you’ve done, just jump on over to our front page and get on the map!

the mpa

While you’re there, check out how your gneighbors are doing and maybe start a movement that makes your gneighborhood Gnorman approved.


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