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Getting Ahead of the Storm – Part 3

Over the last couple weeks we’ve talked through some great rebates that will help you stop overwatering during this rainy season. While you’re feeling productive, here’s one more great rebate that will make you an even better water steward and save you some money— Change your sprinkler heads to high efficiency nozzles.

This simple change can reduce your outdoor water use by up to 30% just by more efficiently spraying the water and more easily avoiding sidewalks and driveways. There are hundreds of models available for the rebate, with most starting at about $5-6 per head.

If you upgrade 15 or more sprinkler heads, the rebate will cover $4 per head.

That means you can upgrade and get efficient for about a buck a sprinkler!

Click the button below and I’ll walk you through step-by-step how you can get your rebate and answer any questions you have!

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