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Gnorman’s Quarterly *UPDATE*

We have come a long way. Exactly 1,902 people in Orange County have taken some kind of action to save water in their yards and are sharing what they’ve done. This is important because overwatering wastes valuable resources, causes pollution and doesn’t help our drought conditions.

Veteran readers, since launching our initiative to welcome new people into the movement over two months ago, we have increased the movement by 300 gneighbors, all thanks to your efforts. Congrats!

New readers, welcome! Pin yourself to this map and help us stop overwatering.


Today gneighbors, I am announcing our goals for the next 6 months. With your help, we can reach 2,500 by the end of April 2016.

Just forward this blog post to one new gneighbor who needs a little extra nudge to join the movement and save water in their yards!

If every reader forwarded this email with one other person and got them to sign up, we would exceed our goal!


And our movement would endjust kidding. The next phase of the movement would bloom with surprises for all of Orange County.

Your help counts so much in a movement so critical to our county.

Cheers and many thanks to all of your efforts in saving water on the yard and spreading the word!


P.S. Here’s a special shout out to Garden Grove who let their residents know about Gnorman the Gnome through their community news and events. Well done!


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