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Gnorman’s Top 20 OC Garden Friendly Plants

A few weeks ago, I announced that Orange County collectively saved 26% more water compared to May 2013. Through our yard and gardening efforts, let’s continue leading the way in the movement to stop overwatering.  With so many benefits to cultivating  OC Garden Friendly’s in your yard, why wouldn’t you plant:

Sundrops that require so little attention? Or,sundrops

Coral Bells that bloom in dry shade? Or,

The easy to grow Douglas Iris with vivid lavender blue flowers?


These plants are just three examples of the simple beauty available by choosing OC Garden Friendly plants . To get you started, here is a plant listing and buying guide for the top 20 OC Garden Friendly plants chosen for their water-saving abilities:



Have you successfully cultivated any one of these plants? Share your success in the comments below!

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