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Going Friendly in 6 Steps

We’re still in the winter season, but it is never too early to start planning for how you’re going to stop overwatering all next summer! One of the best ways to do that is by reducing how much water your garden needs by planting California Friendly plants. The best time to do *that* is in the fall and winter when the temperatures are cooler and rain is more likely.

Here are six quick tips to make sure your planting is a success. Tips 1-3 are great for this round of planting and tips 4-6 are great reminders to keep your existing California Friendly plants in tip-top shape this rainy season!

  • Soak the plant’s new home. At the time of planting, soak the hole dug for the plant root ball, let it drain thoroughly, and then place the plant in the hole.
  • Build a (temporary) berm. Build a temporary berm around the plant to form a basin and then fill the basin with water, allowing it to soak to root ball. The berm will naturally diminish over time—let it! Permanent berms can lead to crown root rot.
  • Water sparingly. During the rooting establishment period (generally one growing season), water California Friendly plants until they are established, but water them less than other plants to avoid overwatering that can lead to disease.
  • Then water even less. Once they’re established, California Friendly plants do not require water during the rainy season and then only need a “little drink” of water every few weeks depending on soil type and location.
  • Don’t overwater. If the soil remains moist continuously during the non-rainy season, California Friendly plants will eventually suffer root rot and die.
  • Really… don’t overwater. Not only will overwatering increase pollution in the storm drain system, but it really does damage the roots.

Three simple tips and three great reminders! If you’re looking for events or places to purchase and learn more about California Friendly plants, head on over to our Events Page to see what is happening throughout Orange County!

Tell us what’s happening in your area in the box below and we’ll add it to our calendar!

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