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What to plant in November

Did you know that fall and winter provide the best time of the year to plant Friendly’s?  

Planting now gives California Friendly plants time to become watered for free by the winter and spring seasons so that when the summer warmth beams down on Orange County, they are settled in and ready to thrive.  

Here are some California Friendly plant suggestions from the UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County that thrive if planted now:

  • Mimulus hybridus (Monkeyflower bush),
  • Ceanothus (California lilac),
  • Lavatera assurgentiflora (California tree mallow),
  • Salvia clevelandii (Cleveland sage)
  • Rhus integrifolia (Lemonade berry)

However, don’t assume that the plant will thrive wherever you place them in your yard. Some natives grow best in cool damp conditions, or within windy salty breezes, or without any water during the summer. Check with your local nursery to give you regional gardening pointers.

What will you be planting this fall and winter? Let me know in the comments below!


P.S. To help get you started, check out this guide to Nursery Hopping in Orange County.

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