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Improving Your Soil

We’re back with another great video from the State Water Board, this time on the importance of a good quality soil:

Good soil makes a huge difference. We all want a great looking garden, and good soil goes a long way in providing the nutrients needed to make that happen. But, as the video shows, good soil also makes a big difference in how much water your landscape can absorb, letting your plants drink it up at their own pace.

When your soil absorbs rainfall, less water washes into the storm drain system. When less rainwater flows off your lawn and garden, less of the potentially expensive fertilizer and organic material is washed away as well. Also, it means less pollution in the storm drain system that impacts our waterways and beaches. Win-win-win.

Soooo, what is one big thing you can do today to improve your soil and make sure your soil holds onto more water? Cover erodible soil in mulch.

Unprotected soil (that is, soil not already covered in mulch or plants) forms a crust when struck by raindrops or other water. That crust is less permeable to water and forms gullies that channel water off your property and erodes the soil. Adding mulch makes sure the crust doesn’t form, the moisture is trapped, and gives water more time to infiltrate down into the soil.

Re-watch the video starting at the 4:35 mark to hear the experts describe this process again and then get mulchin’ and have fun!

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