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Making garden plans? Think California Friendly!

If you’re getting the itch to start working in your garden, consider adding a California Friendly plant. California Friendly plants are adapted to climates similar to that of Orange County. These climate appropriate plants are more vigorous, often require less water, and will tolerate drought conditions. California Friendly plants include species native to Southern California, and plants from other regions that thrive in our Mediterranean climate. A wide range of California Friendly plants are available to beautify your landscape.

Not sure where to start? Fear not, gneighbor, we’ve planned a variety of events in your gneighborhood to help you out. This spring, OC Garden Friendly is partnering with local garden supply and home improvement stores throughout Orange County to bring you garden events featuring gardening experts, vendor displays, and, most importantly, great discounts on California Friendly plants. California Friendly plants will be easily identified by the OC Garden Friendly sticker. You can see a list of OC Garden Friendly events by clicking here or by clicking on the OC Garden Friendly link at the top of the page. Events begin this weekend! Stop by any OC Garden Friendly event this spring and ask an expert to help you find the perfect California Friendly plant for your garden.

One quick tip to consider: introduce more perennials and fewer annuals to your landscape. Annuals may provide vibrant color to your garden, however, they are short-lived plants that require a lot of water to become established and will soon be replaced. Perennials, on the other hand, will become a lasting part of your garden for several years while conserving water. When making your garden plans, think ahead. Think perennial. Think California Friendly.

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