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Meet Gnorman

The long wait is finally over. No, we aren’t talking about the rain showers that have finally given Southern California a much needed soak, we’re talking about the naming of our lovable gnome! The residents of Orange County have spoken and the gnome has been named Gnorman. Hi, Gnorman!

Gnorman has big plans for his Gneighborhood and is excited to get to work. With the rains finally here and spring just around the corner, being water savvy now is crucial to making sure we are ready to handle the ongoing drought.

What’s one quick trick you can do right now to be water wise today?

  • Make sure your gutter downspouts are strategically aimed towards trees or other areas with high water needs.
  • If you don’t have gutters, slope the soil beneath your roof towards the landscape to make sure water doesn’t drain towards your house.
  • Rainwater is an ideal watering resource and simply aiming your gutters will make sure you don’t let it go to waste!

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