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Mulching Secrets from OC Neighbors

Do you ever wonder what the secret to having a nice yard all year round is without having to do too much work? Well wonder no more, some of your neighbors have the answer and it’s MULCH! Last month I put out a handy tip for OC residents that highlighted the 6 Benefits of Mulching and to no surprise I received some great replies back from my diligent neighbors!

Here’s a photo of Sandy Fazio’s front yard in Huntington Beach. She picked up her mulch from a local garden supply store. Sandy found that the mulch has really helped retain water around her plants, and it helped “prevent water from evaporating.” Soo…now she waters less!


Along with store bought mulch, she also utilizes pine needles around the base of her camellia bush, because it’s natural and free! According to Sandy, newspaper is also a good alternative to prevent unwanted growth.


Neighbors Richard and Hedda Schnur also from Huntington Beach know the benefits of mulching. The Schnurs use bark around the base of their plants and pebbles on top of their exposed soil to keep in the moisture. Along with mulch being a great landscape idea, the Schnurs found that they have “seen less weeds” and have also “reduced watering considerably now that the plants are established” because of mulch.


Are you convinced that mulching is worth it? Take the mulch challenge and send us a photo of your freshly mulched yard to for a prized spot on our homepage.

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