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New Program Provides Custom Home Water Use Surveys for O.C. Residents

You may have heard of Energy Star homes or LEED certified homes that use very little energy; now it’s time to make our homes water efficient as well! Not sure where to start? The Municipal Water District of Orange County and participating Orange County retail water agencies are now offering FREE Home Water Use Surveys to help homeowners identify ways to reduce their home’s indoor and outdoor water use.

The Water Smart Home Program offers single-family homeowners the opportunity to certify their house as a Water Smart Home. This FREE program includes a Home Water Survey of the property and a detailed Home Water Use report with water-saving recommendations and rebate opportunities on water saving devices. Participants can choose an outdoor-only survey, which looks primarily at the landscape and irrigation system, or an indoor and outdoor survey, which also detects possible leaks and looks at the water-using devices inside the home.

Following completion of the survey, you will receive a personalized Home Water Use Report containing your Home Water Use Score. If your score is high enough, your home will qualify as a “Certified” Water Smart Home. If your score indicates you’re not quite there yet, the report will contain money- and water-savings recommendations and no-cost activities that can help you become more water efficient and potentially reduce your water bill. If you choose to implement any of the recommendations, it will improve your Home Water Use Score and get you closer to achieving certification status.

The Water Smart Home Program is available to customers of participating Orange County retail water agencies. For more information on the program, including the steps required to sign-up, please visit the Water Smart Home Certification Program page. This program is a collaborative effort between MWDOC and participating retail water agencies, with funding provided by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

By Jessica Ouwerkerk

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