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OC residents get familiar with their sprinklers

During my jaunts, I got to know a few of my neighbors and their lawns. I found that 50% of my OC neighbors either “rarely” or “never” saw their sprinklers running! Yikes! So I asked these folks to pick a watering day or night to keep an eye on their sprinklers to see if the water is staying on the lawn or running off.

Pictured above is Chris Kroesen from Orange in front of his home. After sharing his experience with me this month on how he routinely checks his sprinklers, I can proudly say that he is a role model resident!

Chris shares that the most important aspect of preventing overwatering is to “have a properly designed and efficient system. It will save 1000s of gallons of water.”

He designed his sprinkler system to face from the outside spraying in and also created different watering zones.

On reducing overwatering Chris says, “I typically water my lawn early in the morning, 1-2 times a week. Now that the heat wave is over, I am going to cut back my watering to every 4th day. Water is a resource…it bothers me when there is overflow into the street gutter from the lawn.”

If your sprinklers need an adjustment, Chris says, “It’s easy! It just requires a screwdriver.” He routinely checks his sprinklers after he mows the lawn to make sure the sprinkler system is in sync and good working order.

Maybe you can too?

If your sprinklers are in tip-top shape, please show us how it’s done! Send me a photo of your sprinklers at work at, so I can feature you on our homepage!

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