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Plant of the Month: California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)


California’s State Flower!

Welcome gneighbors to a new column featuring the beauty and resilience of California Friendly Plants – Gnorman’s Plant Corner!

It seems fitting for a new series of articles featuring California friendly plants to begin with California’s own state flower – the California Poppy. This California native wildflower is sometimes called “the cup of gold” due to its bright flower that can be three inches across and fades from a yellow edge to a deep orange gold in the center. The striking flower can also be red and blooms from February to October although you will see them mostly from March to May. California Poppies grow to about 1.5 feet tall and will not interfere with any current perennial plantings you have. It is a self-seeding annual plant (lasts only one growing season) and will grow in poor soil conditions as long as it is well draining soil. Conveniently, the beautiful native flower is found in most wildflower seed mixes as they are easy to plant and germinate. Show some California pride this spring and spread a poppy and wildflower mix wherever you want blooms and rake over to lightly cover. They look beautiful along walkways, or in narrow areas, or even across your lawn! If the soil drains well and the area receives a lot of sunshine, you will have poppies pop up by spring time.

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