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Properly planning your planting

We’ve already had three great OC Garden Friendly events and there are more planned for May. That means one of two things: either you already have a batch of California Friendly plants ready to go or you need to be inspired by one of our events to get your batch! I’m here to help in either case. For the former, I’ve got a great tip to get you planning and for the latter I’ve got a list of expertly picked, California Friendly plants to get you inspired.

One quick tip—plan before you plant. Different plants have different watering needs and you don’t want to plant your water thirsty plants next to your succulent garden.. By clustering plants with similar watering needs, you can make sure they all feel at home. As a bonus tip, consider the slope of the ground where you are planting. A steep slope is going to be harder to water without runoff and so is a better home for succulents (or a rock garden!) instead of something that needs routine water.

If you don’t already have your plants and want to start doing your own research before heading off to the nursery, here’s a list to get you started. From Arctostaphylos to Zauschneria, we’ve dug deep to find 20 ideal plants for your garden. But just in case you’re not an expert, I filtered through the gnomenclature and found the common names to make sure you can find the right plant for you.

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