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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Now that we’re starting to get some rain it is extra important to remember to adjust sprinklers. Running sprinklers when the ground is already wet—or, worse, running them while it is raining—wastes water, doesn’t help your plants or turf grass, may harm them, and leads straight to overwatering.

Fortunately, there is an easy tool to help you adjust your sprinklers just the right amount called a Watering Index. We added a watering index to the site last March (right around the tail-end of our last rainy season) and since then it hasn’t changed too often. When there isn’t rain, it just defaults to 100%. When there is rain, the percentage drops and your watering should drop along with it.

Sooo, right now, the watering index for Southern California reads 8% for daily and 24% for weekly. If you want to adjust your sprinklers daily, today you should only use 8% of the normal volume of water your landscape needs. If you adjust weekly, then set it at 24% of the usual volume.

As easy as that, you could reduce your water use and slow overwatering to the tune of 92%!

So get out there and adjust those sprinklers. If you need any help understanding how to adjust your sprinklers, the experts are just an email away with tailored solutions for any question!

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