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Revisiting a Year of Drought

Our main goal is, not surprisingly, to stop overwatering. Wasteful runoff from homes carries with it pollutants into the stormwater system that then impact our local waterways. Our Holy Grail is to get homeowners to stop overwatering completely by not needing to water. Things like removing turf grass and landscaping with California Friendly plants, shaping the landscape to guide rainwater through the yard, and increasing permeable surfaces so that rainwater can infiltrate the soil are our go-tos.

Along the way, we try to provide tips and tricks to reduce pollutants as well. Avoiding toxic pesticides, reducing or eliminating fertilizer, and picking up pet waste all make sure that when water does run into the stormwater system, it is less damaging to the environment.

To that end, we actually don’t talk about the drought all that often. Conservation is a great reason to reduce overwatering and we’re happy to see improvements for whatever reason provides the most motivation.

As we approach the rainy season, it is important to remember that rain doesn’t necessarily slow the drought. Below is a slideshow of a full year of the drought. The images cycle every few seconds but will pause if you put your mouse on the map. You can also cycle through images manually using the little arrows on the right and left of the image.

You can see that the drought actually worsened during the last rainy season and then intensified throughout summer. The takeaway is just how important it is to make the most of these next few months of cooler temperatures and occasional rains. Establishing California Friendly plants now will help them thrive next summer without needing constant attention. Installing rain barrels now will help you collect thousands of gallons of water to use between those sporadic rains. We know the solutions and they are easy to do.

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