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Saving Water in a California Drought

Wipe away your tears, Orange County, it turns out we can’t spare the water. California is officially in a drought and once again OC residents will have to lead the charge in saving water. Our savvy water skills are just one of the reasons why Orange County’s water usage has held steady over the last two decades despite welcoming more than a half-million more neighbors.

Remember, even though California is in a drought, that doesn’t mean your grass is necessarily parched. The weather is still cooler and the sun less intense, so winter watering still wins. A good drink of water twice a week is all your grass needs to happily pass the winter months.

Just in case your forgot, your neighborhood garden gnome has all the ‘down to earth’ tips and tricks to help you stop overwatering, save water, and do your part without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s time to mind the time or time to mind the weather, we can help you add mulch, learn about sprinklers, and find savings to protect your home with a moat of water saving tricks.

Keep in touch and we’ll be around with more updates on California’s drought and how you can do your part to help save water in our state.

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