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In 2016, the award for most beautiful garden goes to…

Congratulations to the 2016 winners of our “Drought, Camera, Action!” photo contest!

The wait is over gneighbors! Here are Orange County’s most beautiful drought tolerant photos:


Orange County: We’re Saving Water and Fighting the Drought!

Gnorman here bringing good news to you and your Orange County gneighbors!

Thanks to the California-wide effort to save water, officials have stated an overall 29% reduction of water use in May. I am proud to announce that Orange County has saved a collective 26% in comparison with May 2013! Congratulations gneighbors!

Here’s a special shoutout to Orange County’s second largest water district, the Santa Margarita Water District, which increased its savings from 3 percent to 18 percent in under a year. Furthermore, this summer, Santa Margarita will actively prevent overwatering by limiting outdoor watering to no more than 3 days and 36 minutes total per week. Gnorman heartily applauds their efforts.


Get your rebates before they dry up!

Since the Governor’s announcement of mandatory watering restrictions, applications for rebates on turf grass removal absolutely skyrocketed. Applications went from just 10 per month to nearly 1500! So many of your gneighbors were approved for rebates, in fact, that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California just voted to approve another $350 million of additional turf-replacement rebates. That’s real money for some beautiful California Friendly project for sure!

Even with the extra funding, there is a real chance that these rebates will dry up so you’ll want to move quickly. Residential homes are eligible for rebates up to $2 per square foot of lawn removed to a max of $6,000.

As always, Gnorman is happy to help and you can find even more rebates local to Orange County!

Or, if you are still on the fence, come check out just how easy it can be to remove that turf grass and start dreaming of how beautiful your California Friendly garden will be!

The drought marches on

Despite our recent touch of rain, the rainy season is actually wrapping up. In fact, last year we were teased with a similar sprinkling mere days after the Governor announced the official drought! Despite that brief respite, the hot-dry summer and fall followed like clockwork and reminded all of us that the efforts we’ve put in place to stop overwatering were well thought out.

Here’s an updated version of last year’s graph showing that the general downward pattern of rainfall, much to our dismay, marches on. So too does the drought.

OC Rainfall 1505

Orange County as a whole is a leader in the state in stopping overwatering, but we can all still do much more. The first step is to make sure we aren’t wasting water and overwatering is the definition of waste!

So what are you going to do to help Orange County? Let me know in the comments below or, better yet, let me know on our pledge page and we’ll get you on the map so you can help remind your gneighbors that we’re all in this together!

The Governor’s Mandatory Water Restrictions

By now we’ve all heard about the mandatory water restrictions that are going into place because of the drought. Those restrictions require local water districts to find strategies to reduce water use by up to 25%. That’s a big task.

Fortunately, Orange County is ahead of the curve when it comes to planning ahead and has put in place a world class water infrastructure. We’re better off today because we invested yesterday, and we’ll be better off tomorrow if we keep investing today!

Sooo, how do we do that? Well, we keep being water smart.

Curb Your Water Waste

The great news is that the same strategies that reduce how much water you use also help you stop overwatering. Use less water and you’re almost guaranteed to let less run off into the stormdrain system.

So, get out there and check those sprinklers for leaks, take advantage of spring to plant some California Friendly plants, and do your part to keep Orange County ahead of the curve when it comes to showing the state how to plan!

What are you going to do to help Orange County? Let me know in the comments below!

Join your Gneighbors and Get Gnorman Approved!

You may start to see Gnorman popping up throughout Orange County gneighborhoods as more and more residents are proudly proving that they have stopped overwatering. The best news is that you can join them with just a few key strokes to get your FREE Gnorman Approved yard sign. All you have to do is jump on over to our pledge page, let us know what water saving action you’ve taken, and we’ll send you a yard sign to help spread the word!


It’s a simple sign for an important message. Let your gneighbors know that it is important to you.

Tell us in the comments below what action you’ve taken and then get your FREE yard sign.


Get Gnorman Approved

You’re here which means there is a good chance that you are already committed to doing your part to stop overwatering. Maybe stopping overwatering means you planted California Friendly plants, maybe it means you decided to use a watering index, or maybe it means you tore out your turf grass all together! Whatever it means to you, Gnorman Approves!

Now is your chance to help spread the message and let your gneighbors who aren’t already here understand why you’re doing what you’re doing with a Gnorman Approved yard sign. Jump on over to Get Gnorman Approved, fill out the easy form, and we’ll send a Gnorman your way to help Orange County realize that overwatering is out!

gnorman sign

(or just click me and I’ll take you right there!)


What do you think of the yard sign? This was inspired by your comments, so we definitely want to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below!

Help your Garden Survive the Drought!

If you are looking for a fun and free activity this weekend that is also family-friendly, look no farther than the Orange County Garden Friendly events being held this weekend! Both events are happening this Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon at partnering Home Depot locations.

ocgf event photo

At the event you can learn how to save water and stop overwatering with California Friendly plants. Even better news, after you get inspired, you can pick up some California Friendly plants and get them in the ground the same day so that they have time to establish those roots before next summer!

Find out which event is closest to you and I’ll see you there!

Home Depot
20021 Lake Forest Drive
Lake Forest, CA(on Lake Forest Drive & Rancho Parkway)
Home Depot
5800 Lincoln Ave
Cypress, CA(on Lincoln Ave and Valley View St)


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