Overwatering Is Out

Keep water in the yard, not the sidewalk.

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How can we help you reduce overwatering?

The title is not intended as rhetorical. Stopping overwatering is a great mixture of really simple (use an automatic shut off nozzle!) and really big (remove your turf grass) actions that, when done community wide, have a tremendous impact. Fortunately, there are a lot of medium actions in between like using a watering index or installing a rain barrel.

But even if it seems like there is something for everybody, maybe we haven’t hit that right tip for you. We’re eager to learn how we can better help all of the residents of Orange County stop overwatering and start finding sustainable solutions to beautify your outdoors while protecting the environment.

Share your thought in the comments below and we’ll pull together our team of experts to see how we can help you tackle your watering woes to make sure overwatering is out.

Revisiting a Year of Drought

Our main goal is, not surprisingly, to stop overwatering. Wasteful runoff from homes carries with it pollutants into the stormwater system that then impact our local waterways. Our Holy Grail is to get homeowners to stop overwatering completely by not needing to water. Things like removing turf grass and READ MORE »

Getting Ahead of the Storm – Part 2

Last week we talked about how smart it is to install a rain barrel in advance of the rainy season. This week we’re going the other direction and talk about something that isn’t smart—watering your turf grass when it is already raining. No one intends to water their lawn in the rain, it just sort of happens because they forget to turn off a scheduled watering when it happens to rain. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that can automatically adjust your watering without you having to do a thing. Even better, we have another round of rebates—up to $380 off a Smart Irrigation Timer and Soil Moisture Sensors. READ MORE »

Getting Ahead of the Storm

The rainy season is practically upon us which means we have a few more weeks to make sure we’re ready for it. Since we are still in a record breaking drought, we definitely want to make the most of the rain. READ MORE »

A 5-minute Video to Build Your Own Rain Barrel

There’s so much that can be done to stop overwatering and help conserve water. Last week we talked about the “three S’s” for being a good steward of your water—slow it, spread it, and sink it. One of the best ways to “slow it” is to store it, and the State Water Boards have a 5-minute video (okay, 5:37) that shows you how you can build and install your very own rain barrel and even daisy-chain them together for more storage. READ MORE »