Overwatering Is Out

Keep water in the yard, not the sidewalk.

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Watering with Cycle and Soak

Even if you reduce your watering for the cooler winter season, you might still notice a lot of your water running off your lawn and into the stormdrain system. Much of the soil throughout Orange County is clay-heavy, making it slow to absorb water. READ MORE »

Revisiting a Year of Drought

Our main goal is, not surprisingly, to stop overwatering. Wasteful runoff from homes carries with it pollutants into the stormwater system that then impact our local waterways. Our Holy Grail is to get homeowners to stop overwatering completely by not needing to water. Things like removing turf grass and READ MORE »

OC residents get familiar with their sprinklers

During my jaunts, I got to know a few of my neighbors and their lawns. I found that 50% of my OC neighbors either “rarely” or “never” saw their sprinklers running! Yikes! So I asked these folks to pick a watering day or night to keep an eye on their sprinklers to see if the water is staying on the lawn or running off. READ MORE »