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Get your rebates before they dry up!

Since the Governor’s announcement of mandatory watering restrictions, applications for rebates on turf grass removal absolutely skyrocketed. Applications went from just 10 per month to nearly 1500! So many of your gneighbors were approved for rebates, in fact, that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California just voted to approve another $350 million of additional turf-replacement rebates. That’s real money for some beautiful California Friendly project for sure!

Even with the extra funding, there is a real chance that these rebates will dry up so you’ll want to move quickly. Residential homes are eligible for rebates up to $2 per square foot of lawn removed to a max of $6,000.

As always, Gnorman is happy to help and you can find even more rebates local to Orange County!

Or, if you are still on the fence, come check out just how easy it can be to remove that turf grass and start dreaming of how beautiful your California Friendly garden will be!

How can we help you reduce overwatering?

The title is not intended as rhetorical. Stopping overwatering is a great mixture of really simple (use an automatic shut off nozzle!) and really big (remove your turf grass) actions that, when done community wide, have a tremendous impact. Fortunately, there are a lot of medium actions in between like using a watering index or installing a rain barrel.

But even if it seems like there is something for everybody, maybe we haven’t hit that right tip for you. We’re eager to learn how we can better help all of the residents of Orange County stop overwatering and start finding sustainable solutions to beautify your outdoors while protecting the environment.

Share your thought in the comments below and we’ll pull together our team of experts to see how we can help you tackle your watering woes to make sure overwatering is out.

Get Gnorman Approved

You’re here which means there is a good chance that you are already committed to doing your part to stop overwatering. Maybe stopping overwatering means you planted California Friendly plants, maybe it means you decided to use a watering index, or maybe it means you tore out your turf grass all together! Whatever it means to you, Gnorman Approves!

Now is your chance to help spread the message and let your gneighbors who aren’t already here understand why you’re doing what you’re doing with a Gnorman Approved yard sign. Jump on over to Get Gnorman Approved, fill out the easy form, and we’ll send a Gnorman your way to help Orange County realize that overwatering is out!

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Getting Great at Irrigation

Cloudy winter days and lower temperatures mean your plants and turf grass require less water to thrive. Add in the occasional rain storm and you need even less water. That means that you have to reduce your winter watering if you don’t want to be overwatering. READ MORE »

Longer Blades = Longer Roots

One of the easiest ways that you can strengthen your turf grass is by adjusting your lawn mower to a higher setting. Higher mowing height means taller grass blades which have been shown to develop deeper and more spread-out root systems. Larger root networks are better able to draw on the water from a larger radius of soil and more root space allows for more water storage. The result is that taller grasses actually look healthier and, as a bonus, are better able to outcompete weeds and resist disease. It is a win in every direction. READ MORE »

Aerating your Turf Grass

Heavy clay soils (common especially in Southern Orange County) and soils with heavy foot traffic may become compacted over time. Compacted soil makes it harder for water to infiltrate and contributes to runoff. It is also harder for healthy root systems to develop, leading to patchy, less attractive turf grass. Aerating the soil by removing small cores of soil alleviates the compaction and allows water to penetrate faster and deeper, encouraging root growth along with it. If you completed the tuna can trick last week, you will likely be able to water fewer times per week for longer, especially in key overwatering zones. READ MORE »