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The guide to Nursery Hopping in Orange County

This is a post found in the OC Register giving helpful tips and tricks for visiting nurseries in Orange County.

Before you go

• Call ahead: You will save yourself time and energy if you call a few of the uncommon nurseries before you head out. Some of the smaller nurseries keep odd hours, can be closed during the week or might limit retail shopping to certain days. Check.
• Choose a vehicle: Take a truck if you are going to load up on mulch and amendments. Use a closed car if you can, for plants. Wind can whip your plants to death, especially if you are out all day. Keep the windows cracked for ventilation. Line the back of your car with paper or plastic before you go.
• Stamina is everything: Bring drinking water. Wear comfortable shoes. Load up on lots of money, but save a few bucks for lunch — you will want to keep your energy up and your creative juices flowing. Have a notebook and pen on hand to take notes if you are asking professionals difficult horticultural questions.

• The plants: The rule is, you will find shade plants under the shady tarps and the plants for full sun in the sunny areas. Read the labels for basic care information.
• Try something new: Don’t be afraid to try something you have never grown before – it’s part of the fun.
• Your new purchases: Be sure to put your new purchases under a shade tree and close to a hose when you get home if you can’t plant in the next day or two.

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