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Working with the Rain

When you’re in a drought, making the most of the rain is more important than ever. If we’re watering when the rain is falling, we’re definitely overwatering. The best tool to tackle this problem? A watering index.

Here’s how it works. A watering index let’s 100% equal the highest amount of water you use in the heat of the summer. The index, then, provides a percentage for the last day, week, and month. That percentage shows how much water your grass and garden needs compared to the 100% baseline given recent precipitation and weather. If you want to adjust your sprinklers daily, use the daily percentage. Only want to adjust weekly? We’ve got a weekly percentage. Interested in a once-a-month relationship with your watering system? Then we’ve got just the thing—a monthly percentage.

The watering index is maintained by our friends at Be Water Wise, the same folks that developed the watering calendar that you can use if you realllly want to get efficient. You can read more about the watering index, how it was invented in Southern California for Southern California, and get even more tools to stop overwatering and help conserve at their website.

Sooo, I went ahead and added the watering index to our so you can check it as often as you like (daily, weekly, or monthly). Let me know how you’ll use the watering index in the comment below and keep on conserving for California!

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